John Giordani

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Writer

Funny Garbage Branding & Style Guide

As a creative director at Funny Garbage, I designed and managed the new brand identity system established by principles Peter Girardi and Chris Capuozzo. This started out as a small business card and letterhead job that evolved into a full identity system with an elaborately printed style guide. FG was a dynamic, multimedia design studio which necessitated the design of not only the usual mailing labels and envelopes, but video media labels, cd/dvd labels, digital letterhead templates and video color and type specs. The task extended even further into interactive digital products: dvd menu screens and company website. The style guide set forth guidelines for logo reproduction, color breakdowns and usage, digital and print typography specifications, even sample signatures for company emails. Additional identity applications to be considered were beginning and end plates for motion graphics and animations as well as any administrative forms (checks, time-off requests, employee manuals etc...)

Style Guide Cover and Layouts: